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FiberIndy is the first and only provider of Gigabit Internet service to residential and small/medium sized business customers in the Indianapolis area. We are a small, nimble service provider that recognizes that our city is currently under-served and needs more options for our citizens to access the Internet. By utilizing next generation networking technologies and transplanting technical resources from other markets to the Circle City, FiberIndy plans to offer the fastest Internet service available in the city at market disruptive pricing.


FiberIndy delivers service over fiber optic cables that are installed directly into your home. This allows us to provide high-quality incredibly fast internet where you want it the most.



  • Fiber installed all the way to your home allows FiberIndy to provide up to 1 gigabit per second of symmetrical Internet service which is about 100 times faster than the typical residential service and 10 times faster than any other competing product in Indianapolis.


  • Gigabit speed Internet allows you to do more in less time.


  • Graphs about how Gigabit is different



We like to keep things simple here at FiberIndy and our pricing reflects that. We only provide three Internet service packages that are right-sized for any user whether a student on a budget, a gamer with every console since Super NES, or a large well-connected family.



Symmetrical Upload




Symmetrical Upload




Symmetrical Upload




FiberIndy’s gigabit device comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that provide you with enough flexibility to connect your entire home to the Internet. Each port can be configured on the same or on different networks depending on your needs.


At the very basic level, FiberIndy provides a Wifi access point as part of the fiber network device that supports 802.11 b/g/n standards with 2×2 MIMO and up to 4 discrete SSIDs.





To supercharge your Wifi access, you can upgrade to our premium Wifi package for a one time fee of $200 and get 802.11ac capabilities which increase your Wifi access speeds to 1.6gbps in total (1.3gbps 802.11ac + 270mbps 802.11n). This premium network device will include 3×3 802.11ac MIMO + 2×2 802.11b/g/n MIMO radios and allow you to create up to 8 SSIDs and connect 64 subscribers.

Residential Interest Sign Up Form

Signing up on this list will help us build our fiber network out to your building or neighborhood faster which gets you faster, less costly Internet faster. We will keep you updated via email as to our deployment schedule when it changes.



FiberIndy provides small and medium sized businesses with blazing fast internet in Indianapolis.

FiberIndy knows the pain small and medium sized businesses go through to get the appropriate Internet service to run their business. This is why we created the simple and easy to understand pricing plan that we have today. As a business that is located in the FiberIndy service area, we can deliver up to 1gbps at market disruptive pricing. If requirements are beyond that, we can certainly accommodate them as well. We provide fast, redundant connections to the most important assets you need to reach as a business whether it’s cloud-based services or your servers in the datacenter down the street.



  • FiberIndy will install a shielded bend-insensitive crush-resistant fiber optic cable from the FiberIndy building cabinet into your suite and terminate the cable into a network interface device (NID). This NID will provide up to 4ea. gigabit ethernet ports and a 802.11b/g/n Wifi radio if requested.


  • The customer can instruct the installers where to place the NID. It can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted. The only requirement from the customer will be a 120VAC outlet that can be used to power the NID.


  • The Internet service that FiberIndy provides comes with a /30 (single routable IP address) but can be expanded up to /24 (253 usable IP addresses) or beyond with appropriate justification. The NID can act as a simple firewall/router providing DHCP/DNS/NAT or act simply as a bridged pass-through device to connect directly to the customer’s own firewall or router.


  • Once the customer is installed and turned up, the speed at which they are connected to the Internet can be adjusted as required and the monthly recurring bill will be pro-rated at the subscribed rate per monthly period.


No Term

Symmetrical Upload



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Symmetrical Upload



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Symmetrical Upload



No Term

Symmetrical Upload





Please fill out this form and we will contact you.


Residential: Increase the value of your residential multi-tenant building by installing Fiber-to-the-Home

Virtually all large developers of single-family homes and many developers of multiple-dwelling- unit (MDU) communities add FTTH to new properties. Many are retrofitting older properties as well. By mid-2006, FTTH was economically viable in new developments with as few as 80 MDU living units or 100 single-family homes. That number has continued to fall based on improvements in deployment technology.

FTTH adds value. In the mid-2000s, RVA LLC estimated, by surveying home buyers and developers, that FTTH added about $5,000 to the price of a home. A 2013 survey by the same firm indicated that condo buyers were willing to pay a 2 percent premium for an FTTH connection and renters would pay a 15 percent premium for FTTH. The reason fiber adds value: Subscribers were more likely to be very satisfied with their broadband and video services and much less likely to consider moving from their current homes.

MDU property owners and property managers are well aware of the importance of broadband as an amenity – in a 2012 RVA survey, most said superior broadband was an important advantage in terms of marketing, occupancy or tenant satisfaction. About half the respondents said they were interested in installing fiber to the home in new or existing communities – a higher percentage than was even aware of FTTH at the beginning of the survey.

Importance of Communications Elements to Residents

Fast Internet is the 6th most sought after feature when searching for new building or home. This is above television offerings and all other recreational activities.

Higher than average speed
Many standard TV channels
Choice of broadband providers
Many HD television channels
Choice of video providers
Fiber to each unit / FTTH
Video on-demand

Importance of General Building And Home Amenities if considered Moving

It is more important for residents of MDU buildings to have faster internet than to have more TV channels or any other communications feature

Heating and air conditioning
Floor Plan
Laundry Facilities
Fast Internet/Broadband

Fiber-to-the-Home Subscribers are more satisfied with their Broadband Service

FTTH customers are, by a wide margin, more satisfied with their Internet services than users of other broadband technologies.

Cable Modem/DSL

Percent of subscribers satisfied with services

Studies show that tenants are less likely to move from an Apartment if FTTH is available

Very likely to move in next few months

Other Broadband

For an average apartment rental of $1,000 you could expect to see an increase of $152 in additional rental revenue if FTTH were included.

Percieved home value due to FTTH/Advanced Wiring

Increased Value


Condo Valued $200,000



Apartment monthly rent $1,000




Fiber to the premise (FTTP) in multi-tenant commercial buildings is an amenity or feature of property that will certainly work to attract or retain commercial and retail tenants. Most companies in growing economies, such as Indianapolis, are looking for ways to gain better connectivity at lower rates. Here in Indianapolis, we feel the the business community is under-served for the following reasons:

  1. Access to Fiber-based Internet services are generally unavailable
  2. If fiber-based Internet services are available, the installation and monthly service charges are cost prohibitive

Because of these reasons, the incumbent service providers say there is no demand and therefore are not incentivized to provide the service at attainable rates. Conversely, the business community cannot justify the high-cost that the service providers are offering for the service and therefore do not purchase the service. And that is why FiberIndy intends to break up this stalemate.

Get your commercial building on-net with FiberIndy

At no cost to the building owner, FiberIndy will install fiber-optic infrastructure in your qualified multi-tenant commercial building to support high-capacity Internet service at market disruptive pricing. Using a combination of dark-fiber and/or fixed wireless technology, our goal is to bring the same level of connectivity enjoyed by other cities that have wide spread deployment of gigabit ethernet technology.

Building Owner / Manager Interest Form


FiberIndy is a small business based out of Indianapolis that was started by local entrepreneurs who believe that access to inexpensive gigabit Internet service is something that should be available now.


Our Network

The FiberIndy network is a dual-homed self-healing network. We have a large toolbox and use many networking technologies that allows us to deliver fast, inexpensive Internet to (mostly) multi-tenant residential and commercial buildings.





    • Net neutrality—the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data that travels over their networks equally—is a principle that FiberIndy strongly supports.


    • While the FCC is considering a plan that would allow some Internet providers to provide better access to some websites that pay a fee to reach users faster, FiberIndy commits to providing our users with free and equal access to all parts of the Internet that they want to reach.


    • We understand that the current threats to Net Neutrality pose a dire threat to the engine of innovation that has allowed entrepreneurs, startup companies and kids in their college dorm rooms to make the Internet that we know and love today. FiberIndy intends to support and adhere to these same net neutrality principles.


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